Okinawa Lime Sencha – 10 Tea Bags


Okinawa lime sencha uses leaves from Shizuoka and Shikuwasa lime from Okinawa.
A light tinge of lemongrass has also been added for a refreshing, subtle, light and fragrant cup of green tea.
It is available in individual tea-bags and is extremely convenient and easy on the palate.
We highly recommended using soft water with temperatures of below 80°C.
Good only for a single brew.

Japanese culture has always had a special appreciation for nature and aesthetics.
This is evident in their traditional arts, tea ceremonies, and the design principles of zen gardens.
Here in this tea collection, we bring you a curated taste of authentic Japanese culture, steeped in its rich flavors and tradition.
In each sip, a journey unfolds of a tranquil trip.
In each cup, a story yet to be told.


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Okinawa Lime Sencha – 10 Tea Bags
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