Teplo Cold Brew Carafe


Benefits of Cold Brewing Green Tea
Cold brewing tea extracts less caffeine into the tea — Using cold water extracts less caffeine overall into the brew.
Less bitter than hot-brewed tea — Aside from caffeine, cold brewing tea also releases less catechins and tannins into the brew, which makes the tea less bitter.
Extremely easy to prepare, making it perfect for beginners — Cold brewing has an easier preparation method than hot brewing. One of the risks with hot brewing is using temperatures that are too high, which can scald the delicate tea leaves and negatively affect the quality of the tea (making it taste bitter). This risk is eliminated with cold brewing.

We aimed to improve the perfection of the shape and material that brings out the deliciousness of cold brew tea, while at the same time aiming for a design that is close to everyday life so that you will want to keep it nearby even when it is stored.
The product design is by Hiroaki Nishimura.

Teplo tea ware offers you the best, most personalized tea experience in the modern tea market combined with ancient and proven tea traditions.
So much more than brewing, Teplo Cold Brew Carafe was designed not only to brew delicious teas but to provide the best experience in all aspects of tea.
The carafe that brings out the deliciousness of cold tea is supervised by a sommelier who worked for a Michelin restaurant, and has a beautiful design that makes you want to put it anywhere in your home, not just in the dining room.
We offer “the best cold tea experience” such as recipes about Tea Marriage ® to enjoy delicious tea recommended by tea professionals.
The glass, which is the main body of Carafe, is hand-blown by craftsmen at the Otaru factory.
As a result, unlike industrial products that are mass- produced, attention is paid to every detail.
It is made with craftsmanship and technology. A beautiful curve on the bottom is created by the small changes in the thickness of the glass that cannot be shown in the industrial drawing.
Walnut wood, which is also used in high-end furniture, is used for the lid that is to be the cornerstone of this Carafe.
Generally, wood materials are not used in mass-produced industrial products due to variations in size.
It is also considered difficult to maintain even in drink-related tableware, but we have adopted it as something that can be done with Teplo Cold Brew Carafe made by craftsmen one by one.
It’s a product that you’ll love as you use it.
Cold brewing is a method of extracting flavor from tea leaves by steeping them in cold water. Compared to hot brewing, which uses heat to extract flavor, cold brewing relies on time. This is why cold brewing typically requires a longer amount of time compared to hot brewing. While this may be inconvenient for some, cold brewing has several benefits that make up for the longer brewing time.


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Teplo Cold Brew Carafe
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